making plans to rule the world

What what? Oh yeah, that’s right. I’m sorry. Some times the things I say just don’t make much sense. Don’t ask me why, it just happens that way. I don’t claim to be the smartest person in the world. I feel like that you might put too much faith into me to be that some one who has all the answers. Well, I don’t. In fact, I say the word “well” entirely too much. I like to use cliches quite a lot. Face it, you probably use them, too.

Keep your eyes on the road. Ten and two. Twelve… My, my… You are getting to be an adult so quickly. Life goes by so fast. You should always take some time to stop and smell the roses. April showers bring May flowers. Spring is the time for love. Look before you leap. Brush your teeth before you go to bed. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Dreams are the windows into our minds. Sleep well for in the morning for you have a long ways to drive.

In a perfect world, we all would be the one making up the cliches.

to be something i can’t define

“You look different than you looked all the other times before.” You have to appreciate the innocence of a child, especially my godson’s. “That’s because I have hair again.” And this is true. It’s all the talk these days. Well, somewhat. It’s another, new identity that I have assumed. After shaving my head, people who knew me for years would pass me on the street without a clue. The return of hair. My grandmother says I am handsome… again. I’m not too sure how I should feel about that comment.

Will Whitmore. If there is anything in your life that you should experience at least once before you pass on from this lifetime, it should be to see this man perform. It is not something that you can explain. You truly have to experience it for yourself. Be it with his banjo, dobro, or guitar, he just has a way of sucking you into his sound. The lyrics tell intuitive stories, and the music can make your heart feel good even when the song itself is so sad. He’s playing in town this Friday again, and I have a good feeling that I will be there to experience this one more time.

The world is full of such good people, but the task of finding them is not easy. When you are successful in finding a good soul, it’s important to not let go of him or her. Even if time and space provides a gap between a friendship, there is nothing better than getting a simple “hello, how are you?” when you least expect it. It’s been a hard ride these past few years, and I am just getting back to some of the people that I have left behind. And in the present, I am meeting incredible ones that I hope will maintain for some while. A very good person has graced my life as of late, and she is providing me with inspiration long forgotten. The plans are heading towards paper, so let’s see where I’ll be in a year and a half.

let’s watch the flowers grow

I got a haircut today. By saying that, I feel a bit like Pinocchio. “I’m a real boy!” It was so weird. I went in to get my haircut and ran into Richard, a guy who I see a lot at Gabe’s, more so during my days at KRUI. It’s like you get to join a new club when you grow your hair back after cutting it down to barely nothing for such a long while. The guy got me in the chair and asked what I wanted. “I don’t know.” And that’s completely true. I used to be able to go in and say, I like the way it’s cut now, just make it shorter. “Have at it. Shorten the sides and make it the least military as possible.”

Now remember, when you chop your hair off because you either think that it might be cool to walk around with a shaved head or do it as a dramatic change in your life to coincide with major life events like I did, it will grow back differently than what your hair used to be before you cut it in the first place. My advice, be sure to live somewhere that is cold while you grow it back out. Stocking caps are a god send. That way, as you wear the cap, it flattens the mop bushing out from your scalp and gives you what resembles a respectable appearance. I can’t comment on those of you in climates that stay warm for most of the year. However, if that’s true, why grow your hair back out? Have fun in the sun and get a tan.

Speaking of warm, the weather is getting better day by day. Snow is disappearing quicker than I could have imagined. Of course, mud is starting to pop up everywhere, but it’s really hard to complain about that. I can feel the winter funk wearing off and my energy levels starting to kick into overdrive. I can’t wait for the chance to get out and run in this weather. Running through puddles in the morning twilight… The thought almost sends shivers down my spine. Summer is almost here, and you bet I’m smiling.

Now… Just got to find my way to Kansas.

i find it kind of funny

I picked a good day to take the day off from the station. It was just an absolutely gorgeous day today. If you know anything about the Midwest and winter time, the moment the weather pushes the forty degree mark, people trade out the parka for a next to nothing clothing if they can stand it. Today was a day like that. I took my sweet time getting out of bed, but as soon as I saw the temp outside, I was off to the races to take advantage of the day that I had left. It was great. Sweating while walking around outside is a good sign of spring to come. I’m starting to remember why I fell in love with this town in the first place.

Made a grocery run today. In the check out line, I had a couple in front of me that I only imagine to be speaking something close to Russian. When speaking English to the cash register girl, they were just polite as all could be. Once speaking to each other in their own tongue, it sounded like they were ready to throw off the gloves and beat the holy crap out each other. Behind me, a lady was yelling on her cell phone about ex-wives, ex-husbands, therapy sessions, and her laundry list of complaints about some one I’m sure I’ll never meet. “It’ll be a cold day in hell before I ever help that woman!” Out of all the isles, I had to pick that one. It made me smile, and the cash register girl giggled along with me.

Mom came home safe from visiting my grandma and aunt. My plan is to make my own journey down that way in the next month or so. It would also be good to see Angie again since we haven’t had much of luck seeing each other when we are even in the same town.

More for another time… Law & Order: SVU is itching to distract me from any sense of being productive.

we’re like crystal

When people ask me what I have been up to lately, the common response after I explain it all to them is, “So when is the vacation?” Yes, I understand that I have been working my rear off around the station and that sleep is a good thing. Trust me, I get it, especially when you start seeing things moving that are not even there. I think the term is tracers. In all of the sleep deprivation at this point, I have yet to hurt myself. That in itself completely surprises me. One week into the KRUI relocation, I had my blood spilled onto the console furniture. So I have to say, things are going well, knock on wood.

Vacation is coming. To begin with, I plan on taking a day off yet this week. Hopefully I can get something figured out then. I’ve been talking Muffin about making a trek to see Eric down in Kansas for some time. He’s got room for us to crash, and it’s not in Iowa. To me, that sounds like a pretty good deal. On top of that, I’ve been itching for a good road trip. So the planning is starting to kick in, but we’ll see how these two interesting individuals like ourselves put this thing together. Just keep your fingers crossed that Muffin doesn’t catch some horrible disease or break something else in his body. The boy just has luck on the low end. I’m looking forward to the possibility of hours on the road with a great friend, singing along to They Might Be Giants the whole way.

For those of you who are curious, the hair growing process is as thrilling as a snail race. I’m fighting to find the time to get a haircut, as well as where to get it. For a year and a half, haircuts we oh so simple. Once a week, get the clippers out and go to town. Now I’m starting to look, and more so feel, like afro-man. It’s probably only an inch and a half long, but that’s vastly different to the millimeters that it was before.

In other Muffin news, I got the email of the summer camp out the other day. I’ve got my tent, and I’ll bring the margaritas. Oh yeah…

I’m so spot on

My brain feels like it’s a bit on the medium-well side. We got that new console installed today. 27 hours. We hit a major technical snag that put the whole project on the brink of failure, and that set us back nearly eight hours. If it wouldn’t have been for that, I would have been in dreamland a whole heck of a lot sooner. I did crash for about a half hour in my office when I couldn’t see straight or walk without running into walls. Sleep deprivation… It’s a trip, man.

Sad news graced my world the other day. I don’t think that Spain is going to be possible this year. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I’m going to have to drop back to plan B. Brian and Adam have been hounding me to come back out to NYC, so there’s that option. My only fear there is that those two are looking to trap me there and not let me come back to the midwest. On the other side of the country, Winnie wants me to go see her in the San Diego area. Another option is to hop down and visit Renee down in Florida. So I have some ideas. The hard part is choosing where to go. The city, which I absolutley love, or fun in the sun, which I am, as Nay would say, fixin’ for.

Being that it’s apart of my job, I engineered a show Friday night where Christopher O’Riley, host of the syndicated radio show From the Top, was the guest for the first portion of the show. The guy not only is a host of a program, but is a super talented musician, piano in particular. He likes to play arrangements of various tunes that he writes himself, for the piano. I thought it was pretty great when he said he was going to play one arrangement of an Elliot Smith song, and then play another one by R.E.M. However, what really got me was when he said he would finish by playing Paranoid Android by Radiohead. Each piece made my eyes light up and put a grin on my face. It was thrilling to hear him play. Being so burnt out on that board, it was a huge uplift to my spirits.

The sound of settling

My hands are tender. The tips of my fingertips are slowly, but surely, developing a nice think layer of skin from using various types of snips, crimps, solding irons, and so on. We are quickly approaching the day of dropping the ufo-like audio console into the AM control room, replacing the old boat that’s in there right now. As little sleep as I am getting, I’m having a heck of a good time. It’s nice that I have been able to come home tonight at a decent time. At least I was able to cook myself some dinner.

I’m anxious for warmth. Just when you think that winter is about to give in, the ice starts to melt off the roof, pools of water are all over the parking lots… Nope, it gets cold again. Bone chilling, actually. Savings are going well, and this bird needs to fly somewhere warm when I get the chance.

It’s time to get some rest. Sleep deprivation decreases brain function, and that is no lie.

Some one keeps moving my chair

The first thing you are going to notice is that there is no blip posted today. The power supply for my Powerbook died on me. No access to my digital camera, no access to my photo library, so no blip. I have ordered a replacement. Believe it or not, something so small and vital has to be shipped from Taiwan. Isn’t that just amazing? Seriously, it’s just a wire and a transformer. It makes my laptop go. At this very moment, it’s on an airplane, somewhere over the Pacific ocean.

It’s a big week at the station. We are working like mad to get this new audio console installed by this Saturday night. It’s already been an adventure. In the theory of post-traumatic stress syndrome, there is an event in your life that can cause emotional trauma, leading to things like stress, anxiety, or depression. Further more, you suffer flashbacks. Certain things in everyday life can send you back to those moments that caused the stress in the first place. Every time I bump my head, pinch my finger, get a scrape on my skin, or sneeze uncontrollably from dust, I’m taken back to the days of moving KRUI. I was out of my mind, doing something I had never done before, and put that equipment back together on a wing and a prayer. I also learned a lot. I have a better idea of what I’m doing. I also know what it is that I need not to do.

Last night, I watched Single in Las Vegas. As most reality television shows do, this just made me ill. Sure, it is on the Women’s Entertainment network, and I have really no qualms with watching the said channel. It’s the people on there. Obviously, these programs look for a particular breed of human for these types of shows. In essence, it’s not true reality. At the start, you see one person as a true human being that, by some chance, you can relate to. They suck you in. At this point, as the viewer, you are one of two types. Viewer one is entranced, caught in the lie that they are watching something of merit and value in terms of entertainment. He or she can watch these people and see it as truth or simple entertainment. Like an addict, they’ll tune in next time for more. Viewer type two is able to say, “What the hell is this crap?” He or she is able to understand that there is no reality to this at all. Shaky camera footage, no sound stages, and people looking for a quick fix of fame since they can’t be an actor on stage or screen, perhaps a mid-life crisis of something they never took a chance on and wish they could have when they should really just stick to being a lawyer or doctor. Reality television. Not my bag.

Got my taxes back and will be mailing those in today. The return amount makes me very happy. It’s the one time in the year that I absolutely love the federal government. It’ll be nice to get those return checks back in the mail.

Life or something like it

I don’t think that I am cool enough to be called a hick or white trash. My idea of a good time is listening to music, enjoying a good book, watching a hypnotic movie, playing the occasional computer game, perhaps a good game of hockey on TV or in person, and, overall, just feeding my mind. Driving through the country side, all I saw were large, four wheel drive vehicles creating their own version of crop circles in the snow covered fields, and snowmobiles. Passing one gas station, there was a snowmobile at every single pump. Around one corner, a whole herd of snowmobilers, stopped off the side of the road, talking, and laughing. With music playing on my car stereo, I kept on going. Sure, it might be fun to tear through the country side on some thousand dollar plus piece of machinery, but no thanks. I’ll take my inner tube and a hill any day.

Had dinner with my dad tonight. It’s always interesting to hear about life stories of him growing up. Be it either in the middle-of-nowhere Nebraska or Kansas City, it’s always a good conversation. Stories of things I have never heard before. Life lessons of things I have experienced, will experience, and never hope to see the light of day of. I think it is interesting to understand that as you grow older, your parents are not much different from you. The major difference is that they have a lot more life under their belts. All those things that they tell you as a teenager that drive you up the wall is just their way of trying to help you figure the things that they have before it’s too late. Of course, your life is never the same as theirs, and they never have all the answers. You just have to remember that everything in life sounds good in theory, and everyone in this world is human. We all do different, but same things. Some good, some bad. Some funny, and some sad.

Whoa… Anyhow, on a non-deep note, sort of, some one asked me the other day as to what is up with the pictures that I add with my posts. None of them have any real deep meaning, significance, or purpose. They are just images from my everyday life. You are seeing blips of my life. They could be from inside my apartment, at work, things that I pass by, and so on. I don’t claim to be an artist or an expert photographer. You see what I see. That’s all.

Check out the gallery. Troubled Hubble pics are up! Great show, once again. Check them out if they come to a place of rock and roll goodness near you.

The nice man in his traffic-copter

13 hours. That’s how long I slept last night. I had a long, busy week and needed some along time to just relax. About ten last night, I sit down to read my book and feed my mind a little bit. Next thing I know, I wake up around one in the morning, put my book away, and go back to sleep. Didn’t wake up again till 11:30 this morning. I haven’t slept that long, straight though, in ages. Dang…

Did you know that there are four straight hours of Law and Order: SVU on Saturday nights? My addiction is getting worse. I’m starting to see more and more episodes that I have already seen. I have resisted the urge to hunt down the posibility of owning multiple seasons of this television series on DVD. There are just too many other things I want to own on DVD to begin that hunt, but I’m still fighting giving in. And now, I’m starting to enjoy Monk. Madness I tells ya!