The Canucks jerseys will change

Rick Ball - Team 1040I got a note from GZ Expat the other day about a recent episode of the Canucks Lunch podcast from Team 1040 that aired on May 31, 2007. Being that I still get a lot of hits from people searching for results about a potential logo change for the Canucks next season, I thought I would pass on this little bit of info that popped up on this show.

Rick Ball had CEO Chris Zimmerman of Orca Bay Sports Entertainment (who will be changing their name in the coming months, according to this interview) on the show, and he had some very interesting things to say, one of them alluding to their efforts to connect better with Canucks fans. Does that have any reference to what we are doing with The Crazy Canucks? I’m not completely sure, but the hands that have been extended to us is evidence of that. If you think there is still a ways to go, then I think it’s safe to say that they do, too.

But, the jerseys. Will they change? Zimmerman says yes, and there isn’t much more beyond that. Ball gave out some statistics about what that change should be, in terms of a logo, there isn’t any hints. In regards to the stick-in-rink, gives a long response about respecting the past and great traditions that have come before today’s team, and the “next era of Canucks hockey” will also “pay tribute and respect the past.”

Fin is here to say, and the orca will be a long lasting image with the team. However, we’ll know exactly what will happen just before training camp starts, and that was the major piece of news that he let out in the interview.


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  1. I thought this was a very revealing interview as to the future of the Canucks and how management is viewing the fans. From the music, to the luxury boxes to uniforms, Zimmerman pretty much covered a bunch of it, while still holding the corporate cards close to his chest.

    On the flip-side…the phone in calls were brutal.

    Oh yeah…and I still don’t like the stick and rink. Heh.

  2. Your Godson has mentioned how he would sure like to have a Canucks jersey. Just passing the information on to “The Godfather.”

  3. I have an iside source that says the new Canucks logo is going to be the blue and green colors with the Orca C symbol. So there you have it, I guarantee this too. If you dont believe me, youll see:)

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