Possible new Canucks jersey?

New Canucks UniformsThis could be completely false information, but it’s worth passing on for the sake of finding out if it is or not. An email came in to The Crazy Canucks about what showed up into this guy’s email. Based on this post by J.J. earlier today, I can’t say that I’m too surprised, and it fits with what I said about the new NHL uniforms coming about next season[post]. Still, are Canucks fans ready for the return of the stink-in-rink and Johnny Canuck?

Rebecca has a take on it, but we’ve been talking it over without really any conclusion of what we feel about it. Alanah put something on Kukla’s as well, so let the jury call the verdict. Is Buzz a victim or bringer of truth? You decide.

Update: Check out the comments in Alanah’s post. It appears that these are some mock ups created by a Canucks fan. Can’t say I blame them, but I figured I’d pass on the rumor for the sake of finding out for sure. Internets, you did your job.

Update – June 4, 2007: The jerseys are going to change.

Update – August 21, 2007: The jerseys are here on August 29, 2007

Update – August 29, 2007: The new jerseys are here!


16 Replies to “Possible new Canucks jersey?”

  1. I think it has to do with the space aged fabric that resists water. Things are going to change all over the league next season. We’ll just have to wait and see how much.

  2. Stick-in-rink YES, Johnny Canuck NO.

    The stick-in-rink design with the Orca C on the shoulders looks the best.

  3. personally i like the reversed underarm.
    but i think the stick-in-rink should be used for away and home.
    and the johnny Canuck should be an alternate…personally when i look at it, i think of an Emblem for an AHL/CHL hockey team…

    But im really happy that we are getting rid of the Orca symbol…i didnt like it at all,
    almost as much as i didnt like the ugly Yellow Skate.

  4. These are mock-ups made by fans.
    They’ve been reported on Team 1040 and CBC News as the new jerseys but you can find the author at CDC.
    Quite amusing how the media have been reporting these jerseys as the official new Canucks jersey when they were made by a 14 yr old with paintshop pro!

  5. Go canucks Go the canucks are going to win the cup

  6. I dont think that canucks should kkep there old jerseys becuase they are getting to old. They need to Turn over a new leaf and start all over agian. They should go back to the Vintage jersys… Go Canucks gooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I like em. However, with johnny C, you can delete the circle and wording. Just go with the charactor of Johnny C.
    It’s clobberin time

  8. i honestly don’t like either of them, they’re alright i guess and if i had to go with one i think it would be the stick uniform.

  9. I wish they would just put Johnny Canuck on the front of the jersey, and get rid of the stick and the whale once and for all

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