The fish monsters of Lost Lagoon

Yes, another post about Stanley Park, but a long standing question of mine was answered this morning. Are there any fish in Lost Lagoon? The answer is a resounding yes.

We were passing by this morning and only had my cellphone on us. The quality isn’t the best, but a lot of people were stopping to see all the splashing. The fish, as I say numerous times in the video, are huge. At minimum, a foot long, and their swarms were creating ominous waves in the middle of the lagoon, making it seem like some sort of X-Files[imdb] like creatures had moved in.

We had seen good sized turtles basking in the sunshine sometime ago, and Rebecca found that hard to believe but understandable. After that, I kinda imagined that if there were fish in there, they wouldn’t be much in terms of variety and size. Of course, I’m wrong, but this is amazingly surprising.

Update: Almost uncanny timing, a new video of Nessy has surfaced.


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  1. Hey there. I witnessed the same event last year and I had the same reaction. After walking along the shores of Lost Lagoon for a year I was amazed at the extent of the noise, size and quantity of the fish. At first I thought there was something being attacked in the overgrowth. I couldn’t believe how big the fish were. I too figured that they were spawning in the river beds. I wasn’t sure of their species but thought they were some kind of carp. I read that originally Lost Lagoon was open to Coal Harbour.

  2. You should have seen the girl that caught my attention to what was going on. She was pretty freaked out, eyes wide open. That much movement in the water was eerie.

  3. I witnessed this at Lost Lagoon too! I’ve lived near the park for many years and often go down to Lost Lagoon but I’ve never seen this kind of activity before. I assume these fish are giant carp. I was amazed to see all these giant fish causing turbulent areas in the pond – all over the pond too, not just at the shoreline.

  4. Actually they aren’t breeding or spawning they’re digging up mud to find food. Thats why they are considered pests(Carp).

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