Best Len and Bob podcast yet

I just watched this episode of the Len and Bob’s Weekly Podcast from WGN, and you should know that this is a video podcast all about the Chicago Cubs. More so, it’s the two guys who do the TV play-by-play for the club, and I’ve been subscribed to it for a while.

Like all podcasts that are done by mainstream entities who have dove into the podcasting realm, it’s slightly rehashed formulas that are put to podcast. Big whoop, right?

But this is the stuff that I want to see more of! These guys walk through the tunnels of Wrigley Field, taking a dark tour of the route you have to make in order to go from the visiting team’s clubhouse to the dugout. Five minutes long, and now I am posting about it to help spread the word about this thing I just saw to the world. Now, you can go watch it, too. Can’t do that with live TV unless someone tapes it an tosses it on YouTube, but WGN is giving it to you in full, on demand quality. I like that a lot.


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  1. Did they cover Sweet Lou’s ejection?

    Your niece: “Are you allowed to kick dirt like that???”
    Your nephew: “Just like a Cub…no class. Go Soxes!”

    I would just like to see Pinella unlease on Ramirez like that…..

  2. That was awesome. I had never seen the WGN podcast before, and I’m a life-long Cubs fan so that was really cool to see. I still miss Harry Caray though, and I also miss the day games. I know they still have them, but not at the frequency they used to. Speaking of getting ejected, did you see Ted Lilly get tossed the other night? What for? He didn’t even hit the guy.

  3. The Pinella thing is expected, but the Lilly thing was odd. I only read about it, and that doesn’t help much. Apparently he went inside too many times to the umpire’s liking, so he got the boot.

  4. What’s up, John? Luke, fellow Iowan who commented on the Crazy Canucks podcast a couple times during the playoffs. =)

    Cubs fan too, huh? I’m hoping to go to at least one game this summer. Man they’re frustrating, but lately it’s been a solid improvement. I was watching the Sunday night game, Lilly got screwed. It was on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball here in the states, and they had the home plate umpire mic’d. After Lilly hit Renteria basically as retaliation for the previous night’s Tim Hudson hitting Soriano on purpose the first pitch of the game following Fonzie’s 3 HR game the night before, AND a Braves reliever hitting a Cubs pitcher later that game after warnings were issued, but no Braves ever got tossed.

    So anyway, Lou along with Lilly were asking why he was tossed and the ump said, “He threw at him intentionally…I know it was, I was waiting for it.” There were no warnings given prior to the game either despite this joker saying he was waiting for it, essentially admitting he was just waiting to throw Lilly out. Next thing that happens is Renteria slides into second and gives the 2B (Fontenot) a forearm shiver right in the nose on purpose. And nothing happens to him. And after the game, the only person to get punished was Lilly who got fined. We don’t play the Braves any more this year either, I have a feeling that next year it’ll be UGLY against them. And of course we fought hard and had it won despite the umps but then we choked in the 9th. BUT, won 3 of 4 since! =)

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