NV07: Overheard

I’m just kinda thinking to myself as Rebecca and I chill out for the night. Folks, we would have really loved to come party with you all tonight, but tomorrow marks one year of us being married. This means we have plans, and that includes even more partying for us. What that is, I’m not exactly sure, but we laugh in the face of adventure. Not that we’re brave, we just find it funny.

Speaking of funny, I have to list off some things I overheard at Northern Voice 2007 before I forget.

  • Sitting at a table at lunch with Anil Dash, trying to be patient for our waitress who apparently got lost when getting our bills taken care of: “We should start a fire. Need to get someone’s attention? We should start a fire.”
  • Dave Olsen during his session on podcasting: “I’m bi-platform, and I’m man enough to admit it.”
  • Tod Maffin on the Skype back channel (I’m only adding this because this new term makes me laugh and feel slightly uncomfortable, all at the same time): “Biobreak”
  • Rebecca on our way to lunch: “No drinking your lunch!”
  • David Drucker on the bus ride to downtown: “Sausage-fest? I just don’t think I could be one to get away with saying that.”
  • Derek Miller on the Skype back channel: “Sure, you laugh, but I’m safe here in my bunker with my pyramid hat on.”

This is all I can recall right now, and I’ll add more later if I can think of it. Feel free to add your own to the comments below. Right now, it’s time for wine and dinner.


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  1. Thanks for the coming to the podcast presentation John! Was rad to have a batch of fellow podcasters and enthusiasts in the audience. Yup, a bunchy of wily veterans we are! BTW, with my new Linux bootable CD, i am fixing on being even more trans-platform ;-).

    PS You should write up a detailed blog post about your Skype podcast mojo you do for the Crazy Canucks for the benefit of other podcasters.

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