Nothing to prove to you

Guess who got promoted? Yesterday, it came down the tubes that I’m on board for one year, 40 hours a week, and salaried. Finally, the long nights, hard work, cuts, bruises, and headaches are all starting to make sense. There is a reason that I’m doing this. I am a bright, talented individual, and it is days like these that it is proven to myself that it is true. I am now under the “Professional and Scientific” classification at the station. Technically, I do not have anyone supervising me except the head of the station. Basically, I’m my own supervisor, capable of handling tasks without the need of given instruction. And the position that I have long talked about here, the permanent one… I know things about it that are unfit to be shared with those of you out there. That’s all I’ll really say.

Have heard a few words from my long lost friend Doug. He was my roommate in Japan when I was over there in the summer of 2000. Truly a great individual. We have exchanged a few emails, and it feels like we haven’t really lost a step in terms of the friendship that we had. It’s probably been about two years since I have seen or heard from the guy. We have a lot of catching up to do. I’m trying to pencil in an adventure up to his neck of the woods. The twin cities are always a good time.

Planning for Spain is still in its infancy stages. I suspect that it is entirely possible to go via a non-rev flight, thanks to my brother. Accomodations will be free, provided by my aunt and uncle who will be in the country at the same time. Not much time will be spent in the city of Sevilla, as they plan to spend about three weeks on the beach in the southern reaches of the country(where I’m told that there are nude beaches… hmmmmm…). All the cards are there, so I’m taking great pains to save up my funds and make the hop. No better time in my life to stretch my legs and go. I’d like to grab a ferry and hit Africa, but we’ll see.

We fried a computer at the station the other day. I say this literally. There was a snap, and the smell of burning components filled the room. The PD came into the room and asked what we were smoking. It was pretty nasty. And the turd of a computer has been the pain in our necks here since Tuesday. Been some long, late nights. Hope to catch up on some much deserved sleep this weekend.


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