She don’t use jelly

No matter how insignifcant or harsh your life seems, there is always some one else out there in the world that has it worse than you. Today, we had a guest on our morning talk show that is hooked on gambling. It was rather amazing. The story of how one could throw money at such a habit, how they would manipulate their family for more money, and so on. It truly makes you appreciate the things that you have. The roof over your head, the food that you eat, and all the other things you take for granted in life. If you look on the flip side, hanging out in the casino and mooching off the free buffet wouldn’t be so bad, but I think you’d get pretty fat.

A low power FM radio station has taken to the airwaves in Iowa City, 88.7FM. I’m not entirely sure what the format is, but it could be complete christian, possibly catholic, programming. I tuned in while waiting for my car to warm up the other morning. The signal is much weaker than I would expect from a LPFM. KRUI was coming in way hotter than this little thing. Last night, whatever CD they were playing was stuck, so it was a one second blip over and over for who knows how long. This morning, they weren’t broadcasting anything, but the transmitter was still on. Oh the trials and tribulation of radio…

Watched the Howard Dean concession speech the other night after the caucus. I watched the news channels replay it over and over again. And at the station, I listened to them play it over and over again. This guy should be a professional wrestler. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. It still makes me laugh, especially when the BBC plays it. “Yah!”