I am an elastic firecracker

Had some FTP issues with my ISP. Turns out, the guy over there doesn’t like me logging in underneath the master account. Completely understandable and no worries on my part. I actually went to high school with Jerry. He graduated two years before I did, tried the college thing, and fell away from it to start his own ISP. Very smart individual. Got the proper information to update my site, which is a good thing.

I’ve been pretty burnt out on National Public Radio this week. We’ve been working really hard on problems that have either come up or we have sort of caused at the station. So while I’m sitting in my office, I like to tune into WOXY out of Cinncinati. Truly what radio should be. Isn’t it horrible though?… Not listening to the very station that you work for? Everyone needs a change from time to time.

I’ve been getting into a pretty good workout routine, trading strength training off with cardio every other day, taking a day or two off a week. When I went running this morning, I was somewhere over on the east side of town when church bells started ringing in about three different directions. It was quite something. I’m not sure if they do that every morning, but it was a pretty spectacular noise. Even in the middle of my three mile run, it was almost soothing.

No lack of projects coming up for this recently promoted individual. New domain server to come online, switching to a new traffic and billing system, and the migration of all office computers to Windows XP. Oh, Spain… How I look forward to seeing thee…