The Canucks new logo speculation continues

Tossing even more fuel towards the flames, I thought I would chime in with the always interesting discussion about the new Canucks logo and jerseys that are going to be announced in the coming weeks. This I know based on what VP Chris Zimmerman said at the state of the franchise I attended with J.J.

canucks-bwg-logo.jpg Speaking of, J.J. posted the other day with the scoop, and Alanah chimed in with some thoughts about it today. Being that I get a lot of Google searches on this topic, Canucks fans will be interested to see and hear this one.

It was a reader who emailed this into J.J., so no one can be sure on its authenticity. However, as mentioned in his post, these colors within the logo match the current color scheme on Does that mean anything? No one really knows.

My opinion, it’s not too horrible, but I’d still prefer the stick-in-rink. Otherwise, this isn’t too bad, especially if you consider what Buffalo changed to last season. At least this looks a little more menacing compare to that slug.


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  1. I put a link to this on my #1 google searched post, ‘new canucks uniforms’. Let’s keep this machine goin :-p

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