Bring back the old because the new bites

The recently leaked, new Buffalo Sabres logoI realize that the statement that I am about to make might make me seem incredibly judgemental and like one of those people who are against change so much that I should just relax and take it like a man. I really don’t care. I don’t like this new logo.

The Buffalo Sabres are apparently ditching the threads they have been wearing since about 1996. The original colors are making a come back, which I’m not totally against. I also think it’s great that they are bringing back the original blue and gold digs for their third jersey for the coming season.

This logo, to me, stinks. I like the one they’ve had for the past ten years, but perhaps change isn’t the worst thing to happen after that long of time. But Reebok designed this, and it’s the best they could come up with? It makes me think, “Wooosh!! Buffalo!!” I might toss in some spirit fingers and glitter, too.

I’m not the only one kinda depressed by the design. Fix The Logo is a website devoted to getting it changed. Sign the petition if you please. I can’t say I’m a Sabres fan by any means, but their fans deserve something better than… that.


3 Replies to “Bring back the old because the new bites”

  1. don’t forget the red eyes. evil devil hamsters. like… their water bottle is empty and they’re on the prowl… their woodchips are soiled and need replacing… their … you get the point.

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