Vancouver Canucks State of the Franchise 2007

J.J. had an extra ticket to the Vancouver Canucks State of the Franchise tonight, so I was more than happy to go along for the event.

Off stage right

Basically, this is intended for season ticket holders, plus a few other classifications of people who coordinate boxes and what not. GM Dave Nonis and VP Chris Zimmerman take the stage for about an hour to discuss concerns of ticket holders, give updates on where the organization is heading, and then take questions from the crowd.

Chris Zimmerman talks shop

I have to say that the most intriguing point of the event was that Zimmerman and Nonis hung around after their stage time to talk to anyone that wandered down to the floor. From what I could overhear, people were asking some good questions about the organization. The responses were diplomatic, but not so much that you couldn’t appreciate the sincerity of the answers. By the time we headed out of the building, the crowd had dwindled to about ten around each guy, and they didn’t show any signs of movement towards the door.

It was a really neat experience, but there wasn’t anything earth shattering that was announced. Well, at least nothing that I didn’t already clue into based on The Crazy Canucks, J.J.’s and Alanah’s blogs, and general hockey conversations that Rebecca and I have. If anything, I have a new found respect for Dave Nonis and his business ethics, but you just need to look around the rest of the NHL to understand this.

Getting set for the panel discussion

The coolest part of the evening started out with John Shorthouse coming out on stage to kick off a panel discussion with a group of Team 1040 broadcasters about various topics around the NHL as well as the Canucks. Don Taylor, Dave Tomlinson, and Barry Macdonald joined Shorty on stage to hack through the usual topics of the schedule, rules, and what should and shouldn’t change. It was highly entertaining, and I’m sure J.J. will have more on his site about the discussions.

Crowd around the big guys

One note about the whole jersey topic. Zimmerman answered the question from the audience about this and hammered on a detail that adds some more light. I’ve heard it before, but him stating, quite matter of fact, that “Fin will have a continued presence in the organization” leads me to ponder this comment that showed up in my last post about this topic. That’s all I’m going to say.

If anything, it was really awesome to be in GM Place and be talking about the Canucks. That’s pure happiness, and you can view more of the photos here on Flickr.


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