NV07: The Three P’s of Podcasting

Dave. Podcasting. This means good stuff. I’ve written a lot on this subject, so I’m going to sit back on this one. I’m sure this will fuel posts for the future and cause me to spout off on something about podcasting.


Alright, some thoughts as Dave goes along. Thank you, Dave, for telling people to break the rules. Yes, there is something about doing it well, but don’t think that you HAVE to make something that is confoundly professional. Do what you love, and love what you do. That should be the number one thing out of everything that you produce. I’m watching some critics in the room shake their head at some of these thoughts, but if you don’t like it, then don’t listen.

Update: Lunch at Mahoney and Son’s was a good place, but we totally picked the wrong table. Great company, slow to the service. The three other tables of Northern Voicers, two of which got there after us, were fed, billed and gone way before us. Guinness was tasty. Missing the just after lunch session, but oh well.


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  1. Nice to meet you at lunch! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a burger so fast, and I still missed half of Eddie’s session Sloooow, chatty waitress. Unfortunately, I won’t make it to the podcast meetup tomorrow…I think I’ve been bitten with the flu/cold thats been going around and I’m already in bed trying to shake it. Cheers,

  2. Jeremy and I were commenting (after lunch) that often it’s the back-room discussions and connections that are the true value of a conference like that…so I don’t feel the least bit guilty for a long lunch and missing an afternoon session.

    Plus, my beef dip was incredible.

  3. Warrick: Hope you’re feeling better, but the meetup with a pretty good success. I hope to post on it soon, but Tod and KK were both no shows. Had plenty of good fun without them, but your company would have been great as well. Lots of video podcasting discussion for sure.

    Jordan: True that. My cibatta clubhouse was the jet.

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