NV07: Digital Photography on the Web

We’ve done a good amount of sharing the laptop, and it’s been nice to sit back and feed my brain a little bit this afternoon. Thing is, I feel like I’m already forgetting something. Just sat through Susie‘s session on why every website should run on blogging or CMS software. I’m a big proponent of that, so it was good stuff.

20070224(026) Kris Krug is running this current session on photography though. His stuff is really, really good. There’s no short way to explain that, and it’s talent that only comes after lots of time and thousands upon thousands of photos. Makes my cellphone pics from today pretty lacking.

Neat thing about this session, KK does a lot, if not nearly all, of his editing in iPhoto. As someone on the lower level like myself, this is fairly fascinating because I’ve found a lot of great tricks to make my photos look better than what my PowerShot takes. The enhance button is one thing, but I never like it. Glad to know that Krug doesn’t either, but there are little adjustments you can make as well.

Eyeball it. Plain and simple. Do something to change the photo, and if it looks good to you, then great. You might just develop a style, which I’m starting to wonder about mine, whatever the hell that is. The fact that I’ve had too much coffee and not enough water to compensate means blurry photos. I just can’t keep my hands that steady right now.

I’m learning a few things that I never have before, even about this three year old pocket cam. I think the reason I love my little digicam is the fact that I can do more with the LCD display that I probably could with an SLR. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t like one, but I can do fun things with a very small camera that fits in my back pocket. Sleuthy, if you will.

Day’s coming to an end. It’s been a great Northern Voice. Will have to think about it more later, but I’m more so looking into relax for the next 48 hours, though I’m sure I’ll dink around on that laptop.


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  1. You don’t need any additional help from programs, if you take the initial shot right. 😉 The camera on my phone sucks…I rely on my bulky Pentax SLR to get my shots for me…then I just have to upload and sort. The only additional work that I do is compress the photo’s to a smaller size, so when I upload them, they don’t take a year (especially with the internet connection I have sometimes).

    Personally, I think your photos are pretty good…the key is, you seem to get close to the subject, rather then stepping away. Stay close…and frame it the way you want (so you don’t have to crop later) and you’ll have a good shot.

    As for Tim’s comment…DRM for photos anyone??? Not on your life.

  2. You know, the whole infringement debate gets put on the back burning in conferences like this, or at least I think so. Perhaps it’s that whole system of checks and balances on the internet that we rely on when it comes to photos on the web. We anticipate that others will help make sure that infringement doesn’t happen. When it does, a crap storm comes down on those who “break the rules.”

    Let’s face it, lawsuits are one thing, but as soon as we put text on the internet to debunk or convict someone of doing something illegal, a quick google search about that person will bring up results of this information. It’s not the end all solution, but this has already happened numerous times. Short term gains by those looking to steal your work can lead to a long term downfall.

    Why rob a bank? To make a lot of money quickly. If you go to jail, then you lose everything. It’s the same thing we risk as podcasters. Use music for profit without rights and the punishment will cost way more than the potential gain.

  3. was awesome to see you guys and thanks for the cool pics and writeup. 🙂 i like your pics too!

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