NV07: Blogging 101

Richard Erickkson leads this session, and it is a bit of a refresher course for some of the folks in here. There is no problem with maintaining a fresh frame of mind of everything that is out there, but it’s also fascinating to hear what is being told to those who are looking to discover or progress in their understanding of what blogging, and everything else that stems from it, is and can be.

20070224(005) I actually “met” Richard last night on the bus for my journey home, but I decided to try to grab another bus at the last minute and ran away from him before the doors trapped me on the 99 B-Line. Turns out, that other bus I wanted wasn’t the 44, and apparently those stop running at some point. Oh well, but I told Richard no hard feelings. I was sure to apologize about that this morning.

He’s been doing this since 2000. Makes my venture into blogging, starting in 2004, seem petty, but holy crap, it’s 2007. Three years doesn’t seem like a lot, but from where I started to where I’ve gone makes it that way for myself.

Good things already today. Splitting my laptop with Rebecca today, so posting will be much lighter(totally need to get her one soon). Check out the flickr though.