NV07: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Last session for me today. This is a topic that anyone doing anything on the web can get obsessed with. I remember when I worked for my parents building website in the 90’s, trying to master everything there is to about this topic. Of course, this was before the days of Google, and meta tags were the hot thing. Thank god for Google.

20070223(034) Basics for those of you into basics out there, at least with blogging, link and be linked. That is the biggest thing. The more you spread the love, the more cross traffic you are going to get. Which reminds me, it’s high time I dig into my blogroll and do some spring cleaning. More so, add stuff that I’m reading. I like you, so I hope you like me too, at least when I add you to my blogroll, right? Yep. That’s geeky blogging speak.

Title tags(‹title›) are important, and so is the description in your meta field(‹meta name="description"›). Believe it or not, people still pay some attention to the meta information, more so when it comes to the overall description to your site. That title field is more impactual. It’s not about quantity as much as it is quality.

Interesting concept for a WordPress blog, SEO Title Tag. It’s a plugin that messes with your permalinks, adding whatever text you want into it, including the name of your blog or name. Think of it as extra branding for search engines that crawl yoursite, like Google. Just be careful. If you are established already, messing with permalinks can screw with everything else that links to you as it exists now.

That goes with any change that you do that makes is supposed to make it easier to find you. Links from blogs are pretty static, and the changes you make are more than like not to be changed by those authors that are linking to your content. Worry about maintaining that relationship before you think about getting a hundred others.

Too much good discussion to review, but it’s been a trip. Friday down, lots more tomorrow. We’ll see if I get the energy to post a review to today later. Time to think about getting out of here.