NV07: MooseCamp post-game & CBC tour

I’m so beat right now, but there was so much to take away from today’s events. I met a lot of really great folks as well. I want to list all your names and link to your sites, but people, I’m too freaking lazy to do that right now. I swear that I’ll fix that soon because you are all awesome folks and totally deserve the love.

20070223(057) And the reason I’m beat? Tod Maffin came up to me after that last session and said that people were meeting for some food at Library Square, then heading for a tour of CBC Vancouver. At that point, I was looking at either hanging with Cosmo, DaveO, and crew, or just going home. But when Tod dangled that tour in front of me, I told him, “You’re teasing me!”

Rebecca cruised on down to meet us after an eventful journey back via transit, and I just happened to hop on the same bus as Tod. So there was plenty of web, radio, CBC discussion all the way there, and it kinda continued over dinner. Rebecca joined right into the fray, and many wondered why she wasn’t there today. Don’t worry folks, miss604.com will be there tomorrow. Seems many folks recognize her that way.

The tour of CBC Vancouver was great. I can’t describe it, but when I’m around studios like that, I get kinda lost. I really have to struggle to not wander off and have that “what’s this do?” moment. I keep my hands to myself though.

Good times, check out my flickr, and I’m ready for bed. Let’s do some more of this tomorrow.