NV07: Mobile Photo and Video Blogging

I’ve been watching Roland Tanglao post various video blogs all over the place, so this is kinda why I thought it would be interesting to hear what he’d have to say on this subject.

There is talk about the lag that it takes to video blog, so I’m sitting here, creating a little experiment. I just shot about a minute of video with my Nokia6682. The quality might suck, but here’s what Roland is speaking to.

My phone ain’t the best, but you know that the technology is bound to get better with time. Regardless, the possiblities for the near future is going to be impressive. Doing this isn’t easy for everyone though. I’ve done this a handful of times that I’ve got the steps down pretty well. Content is just another piece of the story. (And my speakers are still not working on my PowerBook, so I have no idea how good the quality is there.)

And if you want more examples of this, look at all of my Northern Voice posts from today. Every single picture is from my cellphone. Why? I find it quick and easy. When time is the concern, this works a lot better than connection my digital camera via USB, download through iPhoto, upload to Flickr, and add it to a blog post. Like I said, I have this down to a pretty good science.

However, it’s still been about five to ten minutes since I’ve uploaded my 60 second movie to YouTube. There is some of the lag that has been discussed.

Update: Ok, fifteen to twenty minutes, still nothing from YouTube.

Update: Yeah, that took nearly 45 minutes. I get it. Lag.


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  1. John – that is a very interesting video, or should I say the device that created it is very interesting. I was in the same as room as you, looking in your direction, but watching Roland. I did not even notice you were filming. I only found out while trolling the technorati feed. I don’t know if you were in Eddie Codel’s session on Saturday. The discussion went to how every moment now can be on film. The privacy / public aspects might seem frightening. I think elected people (I am one – blogging at http://www.yourkamloops), for example, are still grappling with what this could mean.

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