Let’s cause a scene

I am a grunt. By 8 AM this morning, I had cleaned off four cars and one satellite dish of snow. Loaded up the car, set up for the show, and was packed up by 11:15, only to hurry back to get to my freelance gig. That went incredibly well. The professor was an awesome guy, and we spent about a hour afterwards just shooting the breeze about greek mythology, art, New York City, Spain, Germany, family, the station, and so on. We could have talked for ever. Super nice guy. I may have to call him up and discuss Spain some more, as he made the generous offer. Back at the ranch, we are tearing things up, getting ready to drop the new console into the AM control room. That just gets me giddy as all hell. I’m excited! Sounds like a week after tomorrow, Jim and I will tear out the pinto of a board and throw in the nice, new BMW. Yes, I’m a technology nerd, I love my job, and you can eat me.

I will admit, there is something to be said about there being all this freaking snow on the ground and the advantages of having four wheel drive to get through it. I will also say that a front wheel drive Escort is a slap happy of a good time. You wouldn’t think so, but the look of complete dispair as some one watches you fish tail around the corner on a right turn while they are stopped at an intersection, inside of their nice luxury vehicle… I just laugh and laugh. I grew up driving in this stuff. I used to have a lot of friends back in the day that lived out on gravel roads. If I wanted to go hang out with my friends, I had to learn how to handle driving in the snow. And I use that to my advantage. *wink wink, nudge nudge*

The boys from Troubled Hubble will be in town tomorrow night. The show should be a great one. I’m interested to hear how things are going for the troops and when I can get my copy of the new album. I’ll take my camera and catch some pictures for sure. Should be a good night to see some more people that I haven’t in quite some time.

A colleague of mine has a web site completely devoted to his dog. It’s pretty cute. Murph sounds like a really great dog.