Wax on/wax off

It’s been a busy, busy day so far. Have had a lot to do and it doesn’t look like the pace is going to slow anytime soon in the next few months. Jim keeps stacking things onto my plate, and the more I look at them, the more I think, “Piece of cake!” There’s a point where you feel like you are going to buckle under all the pressure that everyone around you puts on your shoulders. I went through it at KRUI. One day, you wake up, all the synapses fire in your brain, and you just get it. I think I hit that point around here. However, it takes a day where your boss isn’t around and you kind of have to save the day. At least that is what everyone else around here expects of you. I’ll be damned, it feels good when you make it look easy.

I have been able to score some freelance work. Well, I’m not too sure if you can call it freelance, but it’s some side work to make a little money. Basically, I’m recording one side of a telephone conversation at the home of a professor here in town. I show up, mic and minidisc in hand, do my thing, send the final product to California, and make a few bucks. I have no idea what I am getting myself into, but now that I’m on their payroll, they’ll call me whenever they need some one in the area to do more work like this. I am completely ok with that!

I have started reading Love Me by Garrison Keillor. I’m only a few chapters or so into it, but I’m already enjoying it. Of course, it’s just not as good as actually hearing him read it in person, but if you are able to understand how this man operates, you can get into it quite nicely. I found myself laughing out load more than once.

Thanks to all who inquired about my health. Rest assured, I’m feeling quite alive and well.

I got my new John Gorka CD today! He was on the Java House last week. Great guy, awesome musician. If you like the folk, get his album. I felt like I should be saying, “Eat more Gorka,” but perhaps that’s mean.