NV07: PhotoCamp

Let me preface this by saying that I haven’t had lunch yet. I got too wrapped up with being social and the time escaped me. So I’m sitting here in the PhotoCamp session, but my attention is all over the place.

20070223(020) One thing that I realize is that I’m already experimenting with the tips that the presenters are talking about. Now, by no means do I take the most amazing photos in the world. I view my photo-taking, because I hesitate to call it photography, to be not the worst thing in the world. I approach it from the same frame of mind as podcasting. You make do with what you got, and then you try to make the best of it.

Still, it’s hard to not have a lot of envy in this room, but I take comfort in the fact that I’m not alone. My little PowerShot isn’t the worst thing in the world, even though it’s nearly four years old. Its time is coming to an end, but I keep praying that it lasts me a little while longer.

I’m completely cellphoning it today. You can check out my flickr to see what I’m uploading as I go along, but there is no post-editing going up. Point and shoot, but there will probably be some of those classic “John shots” that I apparently take. Low-level, angled shots from weird perspectives or some junk like that. I don’t know why or how I do that. I just do.

This is all really great information though. In another life, I swear I was a cinematographer or something. If there was more time in life, I would love to do that for a living. Plus, taking neat photos is pretty freaking cool.

Lolo has a new job, and I got new sunglasses

Crossing the Burrard BridgeLaura[lolod] is a mighty fine chick in my book.  She got herself a new job and had her farewell gathering last night with, now former, co-workers and me last night.  I wanted to take a moment to wish her congratulations on the new job.

More importantly, I also want to thank her for being super cool and giving me these new sunglasses.  My old pair busted the other day, almost a year to the day that I bought them.  I’m a big fan of buying cheap because the less I spend on shades, the longer they last.

She got these for herself not long ago, but found other ones she liked better.  They’re mine now, and I really dig ’em.  Gave them the full test today.  Passed with flying colors.

Thanks, Laura!  And congrats!

And by the way, I took a bunch of pics today while taking care of some errands.  Check them out here.

Here, there, and I swear I’m forgetting something

This week has been full of various projects and events. For starters, the concert at the former home of Matthew Good is still having some ripple effects. More so, the podcast Rebecca and I did to document the occassion after the fact is still going strong in terms of downloads. It was the most downloaded episode that I have released in a single day, on the day that it was published. A lot of that is in part from Good linking RZ#109 that from his website. Can’t thank him enough.

The Flickr Vandigicam meetup was a resounding success, and it appears that many of the past meetups are just as much so. There was nearly 30 people who showed up for the Portrait Throw Down III, and Rebecca even got in on the fun[miss604:post] while I recorded audio for a podcast to released next week. Lots of really fun people and just as many pieces of camera equipment. Be watching the RadioZoom website for that episode on Tuesday.

Darren Barefoot also put a call out to Vancouver bloggers to go check out his play[db:post], Bolloxed, during the Vancouver Fringe Festival. I sent him an email, and he graciously put Rebecca and I on the list. Being that we’re getting in for free, Barefoot is asking that we blog a review of the play. Of course, I offered to do some podcasting about it as well. I’ll take the mobile rig along with, capture what audio I can during the play, and even try to get Darren, the playwriter himself, on the mic.

I also want to encourage people to check out the “Fringecast” that is being put on by xpodradio.com. It’s a podcast about, you guessed it, the Vancouver Fringe Festival. Darren sent me a quick note to also inform me that he’d be appearing on there.

I’m also in the process of planning a new podcast, and that’s, once again, another hint drop. We hope to launch the project in the next few weeks, but everything is still in the planning stages. Listeners of RZ won’t be too surprised when it does land, but the scope of the podcast goes a little beyond what many podcasts are doing. Keep checking back as we get things off the ground.

Needless to say, without having any source of income coming from anything of what I just listed, I’m keeping busy.

Beyond Robson is using some of my photos

My photo on Beyond RobsonWell, ok, as far as I know, it’s just one. Beyond Robson was looking for submissions for rotating header photos to run on their site, so I submitted a few shots.

As far as I know, they’re only using the shot of Sapperton Station[wiki] that I took some months ago. I have a bunch more from months back that I should upload to my Flickr. It’s just a matter of making the effort.

Still, it’s pretty sweet to have my something of mine featured on BR. Mark that as a first. Well, at least that I know of. Afterall, I did give my permission.

Give, take, and then you sue

Around seven last night, Rebecca was in front of her computer when she told me about an ongoing issue that Kris Krug was dealing with. It might not be so truthful to saying it has been long running or constant, but it quickly escalated last night. I’m incredibly intrigued by the situation, so allow me to explain a little.

Krug made this post back in February that details how Kevin Corazza had stolen photos on Flickr and claimed them for himself. In fact, the photos in question belonged to Krug, and when contacted, Corazza removed the disputed photo sets almost as soon as he was discovered. Then yesterday, Kris got a cease and desist from lawyers representing Corazza.

I checked out the post and went wandering around the photo sets of Kevin Corazza to see if I could find the disputed photos. That’s when I clicked the next picture to view only to have “kcorazza is no longer active on Flickr” pop up, big and bold in the middle of the window, all of this happening within a twenty minute time span.

This makes little sense, and it really pains me to some extent. I often run into the stereotype that Americans (Kevin Corazza) are quite content with pursuing legal action (suing) in order to get their way (money). You won’t hear me disputing this, and the whole situation at hand makes it even more apparent.

It almost makes me curious about getting Kris on the podcast to chat about this a little. The implications from this could fizzle or really try the creative commons license[wiki, flickr] that everyone falls under when they sign up and post on Flickr. There are some copyright issues to hash through on this one.

Update: This has made its way to Digg, and the discussion is getting very interesting.  Join the photo hunt on Flickr and see if you can match other people’s photos there to Corazza’s personal website.  Amazing…

Not Exactly What I’d Do At a Stop Sign


Street art[wiki] is interesting(thanks to Don pointing out this fact to me during his time here). I never made too much of an effort to stop and appreciate it until recently. However, I’m not sure what this is or was apart off. This was on the street at a stop sign in the west end. Simple randomness or more?

First Farmer Tan of the Year

Walking over the Granville Street Bridge in the hot, hot sun.I had to run an errand over in Kits last week, so Rebecca gave me a scenic route to take to get there. I’m always up for a good walk, so the trek seemed like a good time to me. I ventured over the Granville Street Bridge[wiki] and went all around to the Cambie Street Bridge[wiki] in time to meet Rebecca after work.

It was quite the hike. I cannot forget to mention that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and temps broke 65F in the downtown area. Combine all of that with my mexican blood and you get a nice farmer tan starting to show on the upper areas above my biceps.

I snapped some pics along the way that you can check out on my flickr. It was a gorgeous day in the city.

Drinking the Flickr Kool-Aid

I’ve been debating it for a long while. I have all these random photos that I take, but not sure how to go about sharing them unless I invite the world over to go through my iPhoto library. Flickr seems to be the next best thing.

I hope to be good about adding what I can to it. My hope is to show off my experiences in Vancouver in the visual sense. Like it or don’t, I’m giving it a shot.

This Isn’t About Me

Asian Pacific Post Headline We had dinner with Rebecca’s mom tonight and got some gelato on the way back home.

Rebecca started laughing as we walked out of the little shop and told me to take a picture of this. Fran couldn’t stop giggling. I swear this headline has nothing to do with me.

The gelato was pretty good though…

Hello, Fat Cat

Fat CatYou see some interesting things while wandering around the west end in Vancouver.

That is a fat, old cat. Probably the size of two soccer balls, and cool as can be.

I couldn’t tell if it was guarding the store or just hanging out. Either way, he never looked at us once. Just kept staring out the door.