Look what my new Canon camera can do

Ok, this isn’t anything to be overly proud of or that important to showcase, but this is a great example of what my Canon S5 IS can do in movie mode. This is a short video I made within hours of getting this on Christmas morning while driving across the Pattullo Bridge.

The quality of YouTube actually decreases the quality of these videos, not to mention the fact that it records in stereo for the audio. Very cool. I hope to take more advantage of this in the future. I just need to find a good set of rechargeable AA batteries.


3 Replies to “Look what my new Canon camera can do”

  1. I liked the tilt on that one corner — shoulda done that the whole way through. And I was glad to see you were in the passenger seat.

    My camera doesn’t even take video. But it is an SLR. It’s one thing I miss occasionally, and that both my wife and daughter can brag that their cameras do, but mine doesn’t.

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