Drinking the Flickr Kool-Aid

I’ve been debating it for a long while. I have all these random photos that I take, but not sure how to go about sharing them unless I invite the world over to go through my iPhoto library. Flickr seems to be the next best thing.

I hope to be good about adding what I can to it. My hope is to show off my experiences in Vancouver in the visual sense. Like it or don’t, I’m giving it a shot.

This Isn’t About Me

Asian Pacific Post Headline We had dinner with Rebecca’s mom tonight and got some gelato on the way back home.

Rebecca started laughing as we walked out of the little shop and told me to take a picture of this. Fran couldn’t stop giggling. I swear this headline has nothing to do with me.

The gelato was pretty good though…

Hello, Fat Cat

Fat CatYou see some interesting things while wandering around the west end in Vancouver.

That is a fat, old cat. Probably the size of two soccer balls, and cool as can be.

I couldn’t tell if it was guarding the store or just hanging out. Either way, he never looked at us once. Just kept staring out the door.

Lighting the Inukshuk For 2010

Rebecca and I ventured down to English Bay last night for an interesting ceremony. The Inukshuk will be “lit” until the winter olympics arrive here for 2010. I could be wrong, but I could have swore that the Inukshuk was always lit at night.

Some various shots from the event last night.


Mayor Sam Sullivan was there as well as John Furlong to represent VANOC for the event. It was pretty amazing to see these people in the flesh. It really puts everything into perspective. The games are real and will be here in four years.

We stood there watching the whole event with our respective hot, soy drinks in hand, surrounded by various protesters, and listened to people around us complain that they couldn’t see. The most interesting thing that happened was the people talking to the guy with the pirate flag protesting the money being spent on the games. I’ll have more to say about that another time.

Last night was just awesome. Nothing fancy, but I really enjoyed the night. Rebecca kept freaking out because the weather turned warm at the start of the whole event, but the sun going down really changed that. We were both pretty excited walking home thinking that if we just keep living in the west end, we’ll have a pretty good location to get to the venues once the games are here. This city will just be nuts.