Retrospective: Live at Squamish 2011

Live at Squamish 2011

As we head into August, I’m getting a little excited for the third installment of the Live At Squamish music festival.

Embarrassingly enough, I never posted about last year’s experience, highlighting some of my favorite photos that I took during the event. I’m fortunate to get access to this event through, and Rebecca is dialed in for 2012 again.

Live at Squamish 2011: Girl Talk

But looking back at 2011, it was a much different experience in terms of media access when it came to taking photos during the performances the previous, inaugural year of the event.

It’s pretty much safe to say that the word is out about this festival, and elbow room was at a premium, if not your only form of defending your “spot”. I have learned to not get too uptight about where you are when a performance starts as much as having the right shoes to move around as quickly as you can for those first three songs. If you’re not moving around, you’re not getting the shot.

Out of all the photos I took during that August 2011 weekend, here are my highlights.


Live at Squamish 2011: Metric

Emily Hains isn’t the only person in Metric, but it’s tough to focus on the rest of the people in this band. It’s tougher when they bathe the stage in purple and red light, so post-processing these photos took some tweaking.

Live at Squamish 2011: Metric

Live at Squamish 2011: Metric

The Matinee

Live at Squamish 2011: The Matinee Live at Squamish 2011: The Matinee

These guys are great. I suddenly felt like I was back in Iowa City and running sound for a WSUI Talk of Iowa Live from the Java House show because The Matinee are exactly the type of group we’d have on for musical guests.

Live at Squamish 2011: The Matinee


Live at Squamish 2011: Weezer

Weezer is old people rock and roll now. I’m okay with that, but they still put on a really entertaining set. Their Matt Sharp days are by far the better tracks though.

Live at Squamish 2011: Weezer


Live at Squamish 2011: Stars

I wanted my shots of Stars to be better, but there wasn’t enough magic on stage to capture. They’re still a great band.

Girl Talk

Live at Squamish 2011: Girl Talk

Loud. That’s all there can be said about Girl Talk, and that goes beyond the sound that was cranked out. People on stage, photographers jammed into the photo pit, people crushed into the barriers behind us, and general insanity. This guy is good.

Live at Squamish 2011: Girl Talk

Live at Squamish 2012 should be good this year, even though many people have complained about the lineup not being as action packed or big named as the previous two. For me, I’m content with seeing some live performances and relaxing with some friends who will also be coming up for the experience.