Granville Street with new lights for the Olympics

Granville Street has been under construction for what seems like forever. Since about 2006, the downtown portion of Granville hasn’t been completely open as it once was. Getting close to the opening ceremonies for the 2010 games, these new lights have gone up all the way down the downtown core portion of the street.

Granville Street with new lights

I took this shot last night on my way home. Standing in the middle of Georgia and Granville, this is what it looks like at night, looking towards Waterfront. Not sure if the lights will stay up after the games, but they’re a nice touch.


2 Replies to “Granville Street with new lights for the Olympics”

  1. I’ve watched them put those lights up, I like them personally and hope they stay up past the Olympics.

    It’s nice to see Granville street construction almost done as well.

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