Athletes are starting to take over the Olympic Village

I think it’s safe to say that the Aussies have arrived in Vancouver for the games.

Athletes taking over Olympic Village

I work near the Olympic Village, and there was all sort of chatter about the kangaroo flag that went up at some point yesterday on the side of one building housing athletes in the Olympic Village. We have a couple of Australians working in the building, and they were all pretty pumped to see it. “That’s how we roll!”

Athletes taking over Olympic Village

I kind of feel sorry for those athletes with views not facing out where people can see stuff like this as you drive or walk by the village. I really hope that VANOC doesn’t rear its ugly head and call displays of patriotism like this unacceptable, if not a security concern. That’s why I ran out to grab some photos this morning.

Athletes taking over Olympic Village

And yet another checkpoint to get into the village.

Southeast False Creek, where the Olympic Village, is getting more and more hectic. It’s a non-stop parade of people in blue jackets with Olympic rings on the back and credentials around their necks.


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  1. Love it…..interesting that they are hanging flags…..

    I think it is great on one level and also interesting because of all of the restrictions put on the public…..

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