Vancouver Podcast Meetup: September 23, 2007 (follow-up)

It’s been a while since the Vancouver Podcast Meetup on September 23, 2007, but better late than never to post a few notes and pictures of the event, right?

Bottom line, it was a great night, and that’s aside from the round of beer that Mark bought in celebration of my birthday that was the next day. There weren’t too many who showed for the event, and everyone had familiar faces from the previous meetup in February. The boys from Foreskin Radio, DaveO, Rebecca, John Biehler, Mark Blevis, and myself.

There were a a variety of things that were discussed, namely an around the table mentioning of the podcasts that we each listen to. I stirred up some debate when I said that, yes, I still listen to Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code, but that’s because I derive an element of satisfaction from his shenanigans and mindless dribble, even if he is a millionaire. In the end, as podcasters, isn’t that what we all hope that people enjoy about what we do? Minus the whole millionaire thing…

There are a lot of podcasts that I listen to when it comes down to it. I was even thinking of listing them all here, but seriously, that would just take too long to do. iTunes isn’t friendly in terms of exporting a list that is friendly to posting, but I will say that I do listen to anything Dave does, Clubside Breakfast Time, CBC Radio: BC This Week, Democracy Now!, Fitness Attack, Geek.Farm.Life, Island Podcasting, NPR: Hourly New Summary, The Onion Radio News, Podrunner, Spike O’Dell, Vanmega, and Kaflooey, just to name a few podcasts that I’d like to plug.

We’re really behind on producing an episode of RadioZoom, but The Crazy Canucks are pushing out content like there is no tomorrow. We’re ramping up for the season, so it’s time to get excited for sure. Don’t worry, the RZ fun will continue. Just stay tuned.


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  1. yesterday i was searching for ‘the canucks’ because i WAS going to do a hockey post yesterday till i got all comment mad crazy pants.. anyway point being you guys are like THIRD, BLOODY THIRD on the google search. and i thought that was extremely sweet.

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