The Crazy Canucks #44 – Interview with Colorado Avalanche bloggers Greg and Tapeleg

This was recorded about a week ago, but things have been too crazy to get everything edited and posted until now. I’m working furiously to get everything in life sorted out, but this did get posted today. Alanah has been doing some really great interviews with all sorts of folks from around the Northwest Division in lieu of the coming NHL 2007-2008 hockey season. Been a lot of fun to edit, but what is more interesting is the take on the Canucks from fans of our opponents. Good stuff.

The tour of the Northwest Division continues with Alanah taking on her nemesis, the Colorado Avalanche. In this episode, she grabbed a couple of her favorite Avs fan bloggers, Greg from “Hockey Rants” and Tapeleg of “Jerseys and Hockey Love”. Together, they take a look at the team as whole, looking back into the past and what they expect from the coming season. Oh, and you can’t forget some good ol’ trash talkin’.

39:40 minutes
The Crazy Canucks