Matthew Good, “Hospital Music” available now

Today is the day for the official release of Hospital Music, the fourth solo album from Matthew Good, the eleventh, overall release of his nearly fifteen year career as a musician.

The album is available for purchase in music stores all across Canada. In the U.S., you can purchase Hospital Music through iTunes, CDs will be on sale at a late date.

The first single from this album, Born Losers, has been playing on Canadian radio for about a month now. Being that yours truly is working for some radio sations in Vancouver now, I can report that the single has received a lot of spin, not to mention that his show here has been sold out for the last few weeks.

Additionally, Matt has put a call out to fans to develop their own concept for the video to this single. Submissions have been coming in via YouTube, and it’s been impressive to see what people have come up with. The version I have on this post is one of the latest ones, and it’s the one that has impressed me the most so far. Plus this gives you a chance to check out the single for yourself in case you haven’t heard it yet(I’m looking at you, America!).

If you dig that single, you’re going to dig the rest of the album for sure. Dare I say it, there are a lot of musicians that talk about what music is and should be, and for the first time in a long time, this album really feels like Good is walking the walk.


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