Wanted to watch more Live Earth

I must admit, Live Earth was pretty cool, at least from what I saw. The basic, overall message seems to be in dispute, but the performances that I did catch were pretty amusing. Metallica got me to stay put, Spinal Tap was cool, the snip of the Beastie Boys left me wanting more, and Wolfmother in Sydney made me wish we had saw them in Vancouver.

We had a busy weekend, so there wasn’t much time to watch a lot of the performances. The awareness ads that ran during the commercial breaks were amusing, but it left me with a sense of people being apart of something to get their “big names” plastered into a world event. That’s not to say that the messages weren’t worthwhile, but Will Farrel or that one dude from those American Pie movies isn’t a name at the top of the list when I think about conserving energy and/or saving the environment.

With hope, Live Earth did what it was intended to do. In this MTV culture, the true test will see how well it sticks, no matter how successful it might have been.

Live Earth events drew more than 10 million online viewers Saturday, the most ever to simultaneously watch a concert broadcast over the Internet, according to Microsoft.

The concerts were beamed live from venues in or near New York, London, Hamburg, and several other major cities around the world over Microsoft’s MSN network. As of 3 p.m. Saturday, MSN had delivered more than 10 million video streams, the company said. [informationweek]

Even I will admit that I watched, and wanted to watch more, because of the musical acts. That’s not to say that I’m already contemplating the issues they were talking about on a near daily basis, but it’s totally the rock and roll that kept me coming back for more. Cameron Diaz talking about being one of the first actors in Hollywood to buy a hybrid car? I could kinda care less.

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