The Crazy Canucks #35 – GetConnected interview

As I mentioned previously, The Crazy Canucks were invited to the GetConnected radio show over the past weekend to talk about podcasting on their program. Overall, it was a fairly successful event, but there are always things that could have been differently in hindsight.

We had no idea what to expect from the moment we agreed to be there, so we were just as surprised that the interview was over at the time that it ended. Would have been a lot better to get some perspective from Rebecca on the topic, not to mention to talk about non-tech related aspects to the benefits of podcasting. Such is the time constricted venue that is radio. This recording gives you a more behind the scenes look.

This is an out of the ordinary episode of the podcast. We completely step away from all things hockey to have the GetConnected radio show interview a couple of our crew from TCC on April 28th, 2007. For the most part, this episode is pretty geeky and laced with a lot of tech related topics. GetConnected wanted to talk to us about podcasting in general, how to get started, and what to think about when you have a podcast.

We’ll be back with our regularly filled episodes in the very near future. Hopefully you enjoy this behind the scenes look at what goes into creating a podcast like The Crazy Canucks.

24:38 minutes
The Crazy Canucks


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