On the radio to talk about podcasting with GetConnected

GetConnected RadioGetConnected contacted The Crazy Canucks about appearing on their radio show this weekend. Well, actually, it’s tomorrow, so you’re getting a completely last minute update about this. Doesn’t help that I’m putting this out late on a Friday night, but something is better than nothing.

I can’t be all to sure as to what they want to talk about or cover, but we’re slated to be on the air around 1:30PM PST. It’s CKNW, AM980 in Vancouver, that runs this program, and they do stream online. Tune into their stream if you can, but I’m taking some recording gear along, of course. We’re hoping to get a copy of the audio to at least archive, if not podcast. That is if the powers that be agree to that being alright. Would hate to get sued, but things like that haven hardly stopped me in the past. At the same time, they podcast the program as well.

Canucks win in Game 2 over DucksLook for myself, Rebecca, and Dave to be on the air tomorrow. About what and for how long, I couldn’t really tell you. It will really help being that the Canucks pulled out a 2-1 win tonight in double overtime. Whew! Truly the “Cardiac Canucks” that we saw earlier this season. Here’s to three more! 🙂


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  1. I started Podcasting about a year ago and it is more exciting than blogging. I love podcasting maybe because i love music so much and radio programs when i was still a kid.

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