Theme song for House

I just wanted to toss this out there for those who might be curious. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that Rebecca and I were watching The Wedge when this piece of knowledge came to light.

Massive Attack - TeardropThe theme song to the television show House[wiki] is by the group Massive Attack[wiki]. Now I say group because the whole dynamic that makes these guys up is fascinating. They are one of these super groups that seem to do no wrong with everything they release. Can’t say that I’m an overly rabid fan, but what I have always known and heard of them, I’ve liked a lot.

I’ve also seen Tricky[wiki], a side project to Massive Attack, open up for Tool[wiki], if you can believe that. Mind blowing show, even for sitting in the seats on stage right of an arena venue.

Anyway, we just made it through some catching up on some of the TV series that we like to keep track of. WOXY played the track a long time ago, shortly after the series started, but I never scoped out who it was. The track, “Teardrop”[wiki], has actually been used in a variety of shows, but I think you’ll find that common with a lot of stuff from Massive Attack. They’re one of those acts who produce tracks that run perfectly in various scenes for film or television.

Other guilty folks that come to mind like this are Crystal Method, Air, or Coldplay. Who else might I be missing?

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