Increase of traffic in the spam department

Has anyone noticed a massive increase of internet spam[wiki] in the last few days? In my email and the comments on my sites, the numbers have spiked quite a bit. Some of the stuff got through, but even those numbers have been trailing off over the past 24 hours. Think the filters and blockers are catching on to whatever it is that is going on. I’d really like to knock down these people’s doors and throw a few haymakers.

Update: Looks like I’m not the only one who noticed this. Akismet made this recent post on their blog regarding amounts of spam lately. This is a WordPress must of a plugin to run on your site, and they processed three million pieces of spam in one day last week.


2 Replies to “Increase of traffic in the spam department”

  1. oh spam. anything over 7 days old on my blog has auto spam protection. they have only gotten past it once. thankfully. the odd one gets through. BUT i still get upwards, 300 was the worst day, of spam onto the over 7 day old posts DAILY- BUT there are strange breaks in it as well, so i do have to go in manually and delete them. at least they just don’t go straight on the posts but deleting them is still a HUGE waste of time. my virus protection auto opens all my mail that is not comments and auto deletes it. this function is great BUT also sucks because IF you have never emailed me before it will auto spam it SO i also have to go through all of my other spam which is close to one hundred a day so i don’t miss actual ‘mail’ after i have responded it is the same as anything it is entered into my mail box and comes in as regular. basically spammers are all assholes. i guess i could have just said that but at least you know you aren’t alone now 🙂

  2. It just sucks how much protection that you have to put up between yourself and these spammers. I hate it. And like you said, too much prevents the people you do want to get to never see the light of day.


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