Pirate Radio in the Air Space

It’s one thing to have the FCC on your case because you are operating a pirate radio station.  It’s a whole different story when the FAA’s involved as well.  “Da Streetz” in Miami has that coming down on them right now.  The story is that they have been operating their broadcast on various frequencies, some of which have been interfering with airplane to control tower communication.

Sounds like the orgin of the broadcasts has been discovered and equipment has been confiscated.  No one has been charged with any violations.

I’m all for pirate radio and those fun things, but you take your chances when you do it.  Whoever is responsible for this is playing with a lot of fire.  Being that this music was  broadcast over multiple freqs, I’m betting that this setup didn’t consider the engineering aspect of watching your transmission so it doesn’t bleed and leap all over the place.  All intent was just to play some music.  If they get caught, this one will hurt.