Sometimes It’s Better to Have a Down Day

Street Art on GranvilleThis weekend shaped up to be a pretty good one. We went to V For Vendetta Friday night, and I liked it. My outlook on movies has taken such a relaxed stance since my college days. Anymore, I just like to be entertained. I like to have a movie take me away from reality, from start to end. This flick was a success.

The only complaint that I have about the whole experience was the theatre itself.

With about ten or less minutes to go, the movie just stopped. No sound, no projector, lights, nothing. Five seconds of 200+ people having a moment of silently being clueless, the lights fade up and someone eventually comes in to tell us that all will be resolved in a few minutes. Putting that out of my mind, I’m pretty sure it was a good movie, but that did phase the whole experience a little bit. The Paramount gave everyone free passes as they exited. Works for me.

After tossing around multiple ideas for our Saturday, we wound up being lazy. I forced Rebecca to watch some of the World Baseball Classic. The Cuba/Dominican Republic game was outstanding! Totally looking forward to the championship game between Japan and Cuba tomorrow night.

Downtown VancouverWe did head to Davie St. for dinner at Stephos. It took about 30-40 minutes of waiting in line, but that’s no unusual. By the looks of things when we left, our wait was much shorter than the line that seemed to double in size at that point. As far as Stephos goes, it is a great place to get greek. Great prices and loads of food. I need to try the roast lamb, my usual favorite when going greek. The calamari was good, but there’s another little place we like to go to that has me more impressed. I’ll have to keep that a secret so the droves of readers that pass by here don’t overtake the place. That and I think Laura would kill me if I didn’t.

That night found us at The Roxy with some of my new extended family members. I think it’s safe to say, I over did it and spent most of today recovering. The cover band was pretty alright, but I had so many flashbacks to the numerous bars that over populate Iowa City. The Roxy is a great place, and hockey stars are known to wander in. Didn’t catch anyone last night. Then again, I’m not sure if I would have remembered. Things were a little fuzzy when my head hit the pillow last night.

The Roxy Really stinks that my girl has to work on a Sunday night, but she’ll get an extra day off in a few weeks. We are planning a get away for then. Either we hit the island or venture into the interior. Right now, we’re leaning towards the later. Be it a ferry ride or an adventure through the mountains, it all sounds really good to me.

I had a lot of things in mind to do today, but for the most part, I’ve watched a lot of TV, read a lot of news on the web, TV, and thought about doing things. The best I could do was this somewhat random post that didn’t turn out to be so random after all. Still, you can amaze yourself as to what pours out once you just set out to blog something.


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  1. Oh yeah, that’s right! See? Fuzzy about the later parts of that night. He wasn’t wearing his hair up though. He looked like he was 18.

  2. I’m not the Greek food mafia. You can say the name of the restraunt. I’m sure they’d appreciate the nod since we don’t go there as often as we used to.

  3. I saw V for Vendetta on Friday too. I was kind of disappointed by it, but that’s beside the point. The film stopped when I saw it in Pittsburgh too. It was when V was telling Finch about the big gov/pharm conspiracy. Just “Phoooomph” the power went out. It was really tempting to yell out, “It’s a trap and now the fingermen are going to grab us!” About a minute later the power came back on and the movie went on its merry way.
    But I didn’t get any free passes! Lucky Canuck.
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