They’re Not THAT Lousy

I understand that people are upset with the current skid that the Canucks are on. It doesn’t make sense that we are able to come out of the Olympic break and strengthen the defense only to have this heartbreaking manner of play perpetuate. No goals in the first period for the Canucks since before the break? And it’s been the Sedin/Carter line to pull us through so far.

Still, it’s senseless that someone found themselves so disgruntled that they sent a letter to GM Place addressed to Bertuzzi with a “mysterious white powder” in it. I mean, come on. There is the fact that you have to have such a low IQ to laugh at a prank like that, but the other element to the story is that the team is on a road trip right now. Do you even think that a letter sent to GM Place would be hand delievered to Bertuzzi?

Instead, you freak out the staff who work there, fearing for their life. I have certain feelings about how the team is doing and how particular people are playing, but that’s just stupid. And if it’s about the lawsuit, you’re hurting Moore’s case more than helping it.


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  1. Do we know what that stuff was yet? That’s just silly, the whole “white powder” thing is SO 2002

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