that’s when you know you have to fly

I had planned to take care of laundry today, but the toilet has seemed to sprung a leak. I’m at home taking care of other things in the meantime. There’s plenty to do right now, that’s for sure. I’m sneaking in what I can right now to make this post while getting those things taken care of as well as finishing off the coffee I made for myself today. French press is pretty great, but that last cup, of the two and half that I made today, always has that not so good ending. That mucky stuff at the bottom? I’ve learned to avoid that. More so for the reason that if I do ingest that, I get uber hyped up on caffeine.

Out of all the days in January, it has rained in Vancouver for 29 of them. Incredible.

I guess I didn’t have as much time today as I thought.

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