you hit the target my pet regret

The situation with the job is still the same. There is no shortage of people who would like to hire someone like me in Vancouver. It’s the country that doesn’t want me to have a job here. There’s all these steps and headaches that you have to go through before you can get to the point where Canada decides that, as someone coming to this country from a “foreign land”, you can work here. The paperwork can get thick, and the process can take lots of time. Even though this country had a $6 billion dollar surplus last year, the process is still something painful when it comes to waiting.

One aspect of this whole process that I find interesting is that if I were a refugee coming to Canada, this process would be much more friendly to me. Coming from the U.S., it’s just not that easy. This could extend from that unspoken rivalry between our two nations, but it’s more so to the effect that you don’t want millions of Americans coming to this country, systematically taking it over. To maintain its sovereignty, the government here does all it can to ensure that Canadians are not overlooked before a foreigner is hired. I think that is incredibly fair by all means. At the same time, Hollywood farms out a crap load of production here simply because they can stretch an American dollar a little further. I’m sure the paperwork wasn’t nearly as complex to sort all that stuff out.

I’m doing my best to occupy this gap of income in my life with my podcast. Does that offer any money coming into my pocket? Nope. It’s more than something that occupies my time though. There are hundreds of people out there looking to make creating podcasts efficiently as possible, but the more I work with my setup, the quicker I can work through what I am creating. My production skills are getting back up to par with where I was before my days at WSUI/KSUI. I’m also not trying to create the most perfect podcast with every episode I create. I am creating content for people who are interested in listening, and will probably listen to a single episode only one time. With no one complaining, I have to believe that my talents are boding quite well.

Do I wish I could make money off my podcast? Yes. I’d be insane if I said, “No, I’d much rather keep doing something I love to do for fun and keep it at that. I like paying for my own bandwidth and server space.” It’s why I ask for donations within my podcast. At this point, I’d just like to cover the cost of what it takes to do a podcast, which isn’t much in the first place, but it’d be nice to have a domain that is specifically for the podcast. I have plenty of ideas. I’m just unsure if anyone out there really cares to invest, monetarily, in me.

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