and you’re the victim of the crime

Baseball is good. Hockey is good. When there is actually hockey to be talked about, that’s even better. Why it has become that I enjoy these two sports more than any others out there, I can’t really be sure. For a short period of time, I came to not care about anything involving sports in any aspect. The olympics are probably an exception; why it is that the 1,000 meter medley or ski jumping has the ability to captivate my attention for two weeks during a given two year cycle will forever be a mystery to me.

What’s even more interesting is that during the all-star game last night, my DVR kicked in to record the new episode of Rescue Me. The channel changed automatically on me, and it didn’t really bother me too much. I watched it instead. I’m such a sucker for pop culture. Plus I knew that while I got ready for work this morning, I could watch Sportscenter and get all the highlights I needed. I mean, we all knew the american league would win anyway. After Lee and Ramierz left the game, what was left to watch?