you never were a genius

I’m not a huge sports fan. I do like to watch the Cubs games on TV when I can catch them. Well, I like listening to them on the radio as well. Watching the gamecasts online. Ok, so I do get into baseball, but I’m way short of a die hard. I can tell you what player is doing well, who might be in a slump, and yak about plays from previous games. Stats are hardly anything I ever pay attention to. When the game is on, I’m into it. Outside of that, life goes on being normal.

I find it a little sad that so many media outlets have found little to do with the last go around of The Olympics. Granted it was those who are the opinion mongers of cable news channels and what not, but their attitudes towards them were all about, “Who cares?” Well, I do. They’re just fun to watch. It’s something different and a chance for other sports, although arguably being called “sports” for some events, to get a chance to shine. It happens once every four years, for two weeks, and then it’s over.

There’s no preliminaries. No caucuses. No fund raising. No smear campaigns. Swift boat veterans. Any of that crappy crap. I’ll take women’s beach volleyball over any campaign stump speech, anytime, any day, and I don’t care who it is. Just two more years until Italy.