I hate it too

Cold, snowy, and windy. That sums up the day today. I’m half tempted to go grab my inner tube and hit the hills, but there is a large part of me that would just rather grab a cup of hot, green tea and curl up in some blankets, maybe pop in a DVD or two. Oh wait, I have to work today. That’s right, I have a job… Well, crap. And today hasn’t been a cake walk by any means. Computer viruses, a new server, remotes with WBGH in Boston, and so on. If you want a really good secret to losing weight, it would be days like today.

I’m ready for warmth. Deep down, I do love the winter time, but hot, sunny days are what I crave. Every season has it’s smell, and I’ve grown tired of the cold, frozen fumes that fill the air when I get up to go running or start my car in the morning. I’ve been craving the smell of the air after the rain. Or maybe the sound of water hitting the roof. Even the sound of thunder that is enough to make you jump.

To be completely honest, I think a large part of stems from the picture that my niece, Josie, drew for me a couple of weeks ago. It was a present. “Clouds, butterflies, the sun, and you.” I have the picture hanging in my office at the station. I have to admit, to see butterflies would a wonderful thing right now.