Come home

It’s been a pretty great weekend in terms of just feeling good and happy. I have had the chance to talk to a few friends that I haven’t seen or heard from in ages. My old neighbor, Amber, popped up on my computer and we chatted for quite a while. Life sounds to be treating her incredibly well. There were many nights spent with her and I talking about life and love in nearly every single way that there is for people to communicate, just shy of sending messages in bottles. I’m looking forward to hearing more about where life has taken her.

I can’t forget that I talked with Doug for a while, too. It was pretty hilarious to think about some of the times that we shared in Japan. It was a good trip down memory lane, especially our adventures during typhoon lock downs. One of those things where you had to be there, but it always make me laugh. I have to mention that the guy is thinking about building a wooden kayak. I kid you not, this is a perfect example of the type of guy Doug is. Always has something interesting like that up his sleeve. But seriously, who builds a kayak?

I spent a portion of this weekend watching TV, most of it consisting of history channel shows. I’m a sucker for anything that involves history of World War II. I think a large part of that stems from the stories that my great uncle Richard has told me through the years during his stint in Europe shortly after the invasion. I’ve seen some of the ovens that were used first hand in the final solution. I have also walked through a gas chamber that was never used, but the intention is enough to make you pee your pants as you pass through it. I don’t know what it is, but historical topics like that just suck me in.

I said that I would get my picture gallery updated, and I have proven my word. It’s a start, and I’ll add more when I get the time.