RadioZoom #136 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: July 2007

Recorded and posted today.

Slightly late, but not by much. This is an all submission episode of the Six Song. I’ve let the emails pile up too high, but sorting through the back logs found a lot of cool stuff to play for you.

As I mention in this one, and this is meant for all submitters, be sure you give me mp3’s to play in the podcast. I love hearing about new bands, but having to dig for your music to play is not something I like spending a ton of time on. To the following bands, I am very grateful for leading me directly to your wonderful music. You are awesome.

43:45 minutes

RadioZoom#134 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: June 2007

Posted and ready for downloading now!

This episode, we’re all about covers. I’ve been amassing a nice collection of artists in terms of who has give their permission to play their music on the podcast. That has allowed us to pick from their collection of recordings and play some of the covers that they’ve done of other various bands from the past.

46:41 minutes

RadioZoom#133 – More adventures around Stanley Park

Posted today!

Hello. We’re back. Yes, we’re still here, and you’re along for another adventure into Stanley Park. We stop to give you some subtle updates of what has gone on since the last, “real” episode, and there are a handful of more artists that have granted permission to play their music on our podcast. Since we’re on the go in this entire episode, we don’t talk about the music as much as we explore the park. We even try to suck it up and actually walk out onto Lions Gate Bridge, the fear of heights being fairly strong for both of us. We end the day with some Vancouver Trivia back at home.

48:41 minutes

RadioZoom#132 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: May 2007

Posted this afternoon.

Straight and to the point, this month’s six song dives directly into submitted music to the podcast. Thanks to all of those who have sent in emails and mp3’s to have them played on the podcast. I’m late getting to some of them, but we take a listen to a lot of the tracks for the first time together.

35:31 minutes

Tossing out a few podcasts in the past few days

I produced three episodes for two podcasts yesterday. It was a new media blitz of headache proportions. I will say that if it weren’t for Ubercaster, I don’t think I could have done what I did. Not to mention Levelator. Talk about cutting down the time it takes to produce something. When you have the right mic levels and are comfortable with the editing tools you have, it’s so easy, at least for myself.

We released #32 yesterday and #33 of The Crazy Canucks this morning. The first one has some great audio in it. For those of you not in the know, the Canucks won game seven over Dallas to advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Rebecca and I sat on our balcony and caught the audio of the madness nearby as people honked their car horns and celebrated like the hockey loving city that Vancouver is. J.J. also linked up with Alanah by phone to give his first hand account of seeing the game at GM Place. Really good stuff, and the more recent episode is the typical gathering that we did last night to preview the second round series against Anaheim.

I finally got the six song for April 2007 out on RadioZoom. It was about nine days late, but with all the press, parents visiting, road trips, and other projects, it’s been tough to find the time. Basically, this month, I just rocked out. Felt good and had lots of fun with this episode. More to come for sure, so stay subscribed.

New TCC and RZ episodes posted

I don’t have a lot of time to explain, but been busy in the last week to not get a lot posted here. However, there are new episodes of The Crazy Canucks and RadioZoom posted. RZ brings you an interview with guitarist Keeley Davis of the band Sparta, and TCC goes on location at GM Place for the Canucks open practice with the whole crew. Fun was had by all, so you should go check them out!

RadioZoom#129 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: March 2007

Recorded and posted yesterday.

All IODA, all SXSW. This is a direct sampling of six artists from the IODA SXSW Opening Day Bash. I caught wind of this the other day and thought it would make for a great episode for this month’s six song. You might call it lazy, but I explain more as we go along. By the end of this one, I hope you find new music and new reasons why you should check out SXSW

50:54 minutes

Worldwide promotion through podcasting

This little post from GZExpat about some of the craziness in his life kinda made my day. A bit of back story, he’s our pal in China, living and working there along with his family. He’s a great supporter of our podcasts, big Canucks fan, and a damn cool guy.

He made a jaunt into Hong Kong the other day and details the events, but it was this snippet that made me a tad happy.

We spent the entire day on the run…taxi’s, walking, subway, more walking. By the time it was finished, we had walked 4 districts of the city and put on countless km’s on the sidewalks and escalators. We finished up shortly after 5:30pm. Just in time to allow me 45 minutes in HMV. Here is what I got:

* Secret Machines: Ten Silver Drops (thanks to John for the introduction!)
* Goo Goo Dolls: Superstar Car Wash (an old one I didn’t have)
* Five For Fighting: Two Lights
* The Shins: Wincing the Night Away
* Bloc Party: A Weekend in the City (new album is WAY better than the first…)


Aside from a pretty good taste in music, that Secret Machines that he picked up was a result of RadioZoom having permission to play their music on the podcast. I played it, GZExpat heard it, and has since gone out to buy their latest album.

Proof positive of the effect that podcasting can have? Yes.