Tossing out a few podcasts in the past few days

I produced three episodes for two podcasts yesterday. It was a new media blitz of headache proportions. I will say that if it weren’t for Ubercaster, I don’t think I could have done what I did. Not to mention Levelator. Talk about cutting down the time it takes to produce something. When you have the right mic levels and are comfortable with the editing tools you have, it’s so easy, at least for myself.

We released #32 yesterday and #33 of The Crazy Canucks this morning. The first one has some great audio in it. For those of you not in the know, the Canucks won game seven over Dallas to advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Rebecca and I sat on our balcony and caught the audio of the madness nearby as people honked their car horns and celebrated like the hockey loving city that Vancouver is. J.J. also linked up with Alanah by phone to give his first hand account of seeing the game at GM Place. Really good stuff, and the more recent episode is the typical gathering that we did last night to preview the second round series against Anaheim.

I finally got the six song for April 2007 out on RadioZoom. It was about nine days late, but with all the press, parents visiting, road trips, and other projects, it’s been tough to find the time. Basically, this month, I just rocked out. Felt good and had lots of fun with this episode. More to come for sure, so stay subscribed.


3 Replies to “Tossing out a few podcasts in the past few days”

  1. You are a podcasting God…err…well, at least a highly respected deity.

    The game 7 podcast was so cool…just listening to the car horns out the window was enough to get the blood going.

    Now…I would think with all the media connections you and Rebecca have scoured up recently, you could score some tickets or something!

    Once the game is over (ughghg…3-1 in the 2nd), I’ll pop on the 6 Song and see what you have. I’m overloaded with new music lately, there is so much out there right now.

  2. Thank you, guys. I’m working with a hell of a crew when it comes to TCC. They make it easy. Now Rebecca and I just need to make the time to crank out a new RZ soon!

    And GZ, we’re totally looking for tickets, but no way will we be paying for them. Ouch!

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