First Farmer Tan of the Year

Walking over the Granville Street Bridge in the hot, hot sun.I had to run an errand over in Kits last week, so Rebecca gave me a scenic route to take to get there. I’m always up for a good walk, so the trek seemed like a good time to me. I ventured over the Granville Street Bridge[wiki] and went all around to the Cambie Street Bridge[wiki] in time to meet Rebecca after work.

It was quite the hike. I cannot forget to mention that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and temps broke 65F in the downtown area. Combine all of that with my mexican blood and you get a nice farmer tan starting to show on the upper areas above my biceps.

I snapped some pics along the way that you can check out on my flickr. It was a gorgeous day in the city.


One Reply to “First Farmer Tan of the Year”

  1. hey it wasnt the “scenic route”
    wasn’t it the most direct?

    you would have backtracked any other way – sheesh! :p

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