Setting the Max Volume On iPods

Apple released an update for iPods this week that offers support to users to set the maximum listening volume. This comes on the heels on warnings and reports regarding a potential connection to hearing loss attributed to people listening to their iPods at high volumes. MacNewsWorld has an interesting article about it.

People have been blasting their ears with loud music for years, starting with the Princess Leia headphones of the 70’s. I’ve been an advocate for taking ear plugs to rock shows for this specific reason. I want to be rocking out to music until the day I die, doing my best to not blow my ear drums out until that time.

Download the update here.

Apple GUI Over the Past 30 Years is running this page of screen shots from various Apple systems from over the years.  This is all for the 30th anniversary of Apple Computer coming up the 1st of April.  Some of this will snap you back in your memories.  I know it did for me.

My family was one of the first to have a personal computer at home.  Apples were always apart of that.  In fact, it was about the mid-90’s that I can first recall dealing with Windows, and I was frustrated to no end.  DOS what?  Colon, back slash, who?

Boot disks.  RAM disks.  The sound of floppy drives.  Now I want to watch WarGames.

Could We Get One, Steve?

I’d like to see Apple open a store here in Vancouver. I mean, Toronto is getting their third one. Reno, Nevada is getting one, so what about Vancouver?

There is no shortage of places to buy apple products, but when we were over in Kits a few weeks ago, they password protect the computers so you can’t play with them.  It takes a lot to compare to an Apple Store.  I haven’t been to Mac Station yet, but you can’t tell me that Vancouver wouldn’t be a great place for an Apple Store.