Could We Get One, Steve?

I’d like to see Apple open a store here in Vancouver. I mean, Toronto is getting their third one. Reno, Nevada is getting one, so what about Vancouver?

There is no shortage of places to buy apple products, but when we were over in Kits a few weeks ago, they password protect the computers so you can’t play with them.  It takes a lot to compare to an Apple Store.  I haven’t been to Mac Station yet, but you can’t tell me that Vancouver wouldn’t be a great place for an Apple Store.


4 Replies to “Could We Get One, Steve?”

  1. So maybe, you should write to Apple and see if you could open an Apple Store in Vancouver, then Dad and I could visit the store and write off our next trip. Just a thought!

  2. Yeah, John! You should get on that. That way we could see your parents more.

  3. Oh does that mean you can get Apple products for cheap? Hmmm wanna convert this PC user? 🙂

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