Vancouver 2010: Day 12 – Olympics on YouTube

Vancouver 2010: Day 12 - No stopping anywhere

Truth be told, this was the only photo I took during the entire 12th day of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. It’s not that I wasn’t taking anything in or running around the city. As the rain returned to the lower mainland, there was a noticeable reduction in the amount of people celebrating downtown. Rebecca and I are still battling through colds, so it’s more comfortable to relax on the couch and let the TV bring the games to us.

What I did discover is the amount of content finding its way onto YouTube. Some of it’s official, others… maybe not so much. Regardless, I wanted to share some stuff that I’m seeing on both sides of the borders that deserves to be shared with the world because if you weren’t watching it live, you probably missed your chance to see it.

This first video is a great piece by Tom Brokaw explaining Canada to Americans. I believe this ran just prior to the opening ceremony coverage on NBC.

A Channel in Victoria has been posting their news packages from their regular new broadcasts onto YouTube for a time now, which I think is probably one of the most stellar things a local TV station can be doing these days. As many people know, the Today show has been doing their program from Vancouver for the duration of the games. When the Today hosts took a brief trip over to Victoria to check things out over on the island, A Channel covered Today’s coverage.

Fellow True North Media House collaborator Evan Leeson has a great chunk of video that shows the madness that has been on Granville Street through these entire two weeks of the games. Nearly ten minutes of hooting and hollering, and you might hear a bad word or two.

The next video might be old news, but the fact that this Channel 6 News Online is hosted by a kid, that’s awesome. I’m all for different angles on the games, and they look to be tied to NBC, making them legit.

CTVOlympics has setup a YouTube account and posted a lot of clips as well, but they’ve disabled embedding. While that’s annoying and kind of defeats the purpose of posting videos onto YouTube, this is a positive step in the right direction on their part. Two videos worth checking out is Jon Montgomery’s gold medal skeleton run, and then this not-so-official clip of his walk through Whistler village and being handed a pitcher of beer.

If there are other great videos out there that should be mentioned, drop them in the comments.