My photo of Kirk McLean now being used on Wikipedia

While being held up on the couch yesterday afternoon with some sinuses getting the best of me, I got a quick message on Flickr requesting my permission to use one of my photos on Wikipedia. When I discovered that it was for Vancouver Canucks legend Kirk McLean, I was glad to fire back a quick response and say hell yeah!

The shot itself came from what has become an annual tradition for Rebecca and I, the Vancouver Sun Raise-a-Reader day.

Here’s the original shot of McLean as Rebecca is handing him her copy of that day’s Vancouver Sun to autograph, adding to our collection of papers from previous years.

Kirk McLean on Raise A Reader Day 2009

This is actually the second photo I’ve been asked my permission to use on Wikipedia. While it’s not being used as the primary photo for the entry, this photo is also being used on the entry for the current mayor of Surrey, B.C., Diane Watts.


5 Replies to “My photo of Kirk McLean now being used on Wikipedia”

  1. That’s cool, but the license on Wikipedia basically means it’s part of the public domain forever, including commercial usage. That’s always rubbed me a bit wrong. But cool nonetheless.

  2. Actually, looks like they maybe changed that. A few times in the past I was contacted though and they told me that it was a different license than CC.

  3. And your opinion has made me struggle with that in the past as well, but in the end, what’s the photo doing anyway? Sitting on Flickr? I don’t anticipate making any money on it. If it can serve a purpose, why not?

    I’d like to contribute as much money as I can to the Wikipedia project, especially as much as I use it personally. This is my way of helping out, not to mention that if you click on the picture within the entry, I still get credit.

  4. Yah, I totally agree. For me though, the ones they wanted were some of my better ones, including a shot of Leslie Feist that I’ve sold before. But yah, anything that’s just sitting on Flickr collecting dust I might as well donate if they want.

  5. I totally agree with the both of you, and what really struck me is what you said – “what is the photo just sitting on Flickr” – it’s good to have it serve a purpose. Good job, John!

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